61 years old TS/TG
from Nebraska, United States
Registered since: 07/10/2020
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Headline: Dominant Gay Black Master(s) wanted in Omaha,Nebraska for a White sub.Feminine Crossdressing Sissybitch Sexslave
About Me: Hi guys, My name is Sissy Sweetcheeks but I much rather prefer to be called BITCH,SLUT,CUNT,WHORE etc. simply because it excited me and turns me on. I am a White Male that is 5'2"tall a petite & slender 110# very,very,very,KINKY,DIRTY, NAUGHTY,FILTHY LITTLE COCKHUNGRY, CUMTHIRSTY,SUBMISSIVE,BAREBACK, FEMININE CROSSDRESSING,NYMPHOMANIAC, FUCKSLUT,CUMPIG,SISSYBITCH, SEXSLAVE PISSWHORE that not only loves but absolutely thoroughly enjoys getting completely made up and dressed up like a slutty little bitch and let me totally dominate me and completely have their absolute entire way back with me using and abusing me sexually be as they please asking as they never use a condemn and whenever they cum they absolutely cum only in this slutty ass bitches eagerly awaiting mouth & seeing how I am also very heavily into bondage, bondage is most definitely a must for me. I have never been with a Black Man therefore I most definitely want/need/desire to be with a Dominant Gay/Bisexual Black Man (Master) into crossdressers.

General Info

I am a: TS/TG
Age: 61 years
Location: Nebraska, United States
My Preference: Piss

My Search

Looking for: Male
Between: 30 and 75 years
Seeking Preference: Cum In Mouth, Piss
Interests: Dating, Serious relationship

My Appearance

Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Height: 158cm/5ft 2"
Weight: 50kg/110lbs
Body Type: Slender
Eyes color: Hazel
Hair color: Light Brown

My Lifestyle

Education: High School Grad
Marital Status: NOT PROVIDED
Living: With roommate(s), Family and friends visit often
Smoking: Daily
Drinking: I don't

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