50 years old Male
from Arkansas , United States
Registered since: 20/06/2021
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Headline: I'm a true hardcore dominant Master
About Me: Looking for very very obedient submissive girls. Are very obedience submissive slave girls. Long-term relationship. NOW what I'm NOT. At all interested in dominating females of ANY sort.. switches the 1 exception. As long as they understand them never dominating me in ANY WAY. I know most of you dominating females. I don't teach you to read and dominating female school I guess. You're like a bunch of Jehovah witnesses you see a door you've got to knock on it. There could be a ( BIG SIGN ) saying ( PLEASE ). do not knock during the ( DAY I am a day sleeper I work at night ). I also know you don't read anybody's profiles most of you anyway don't know they're sittings on the site you can pick out just what you want what you looking for either too TOO STUPID or TOO LAZY to do it. Now there are very few exceptions. So let me put this out of the WARNING ⚠️. Around my home around my profile. In my personal space. I have a very nice ( BIG FENCE ). At the gate losing nice ( BIG SIGN 🛑 ). That BOLDLY says WARNING ⚠️. I have a ( VERY BIG MEAN DOMINATING MALE DOG ). He loves everybody. Except for dominating females. So if you're too STUPID. You read the sign and say something STUPID when you coming to the gate approaching me. He will ( MOST DEFINITELY ) bite you in your ass. And ( TOTALLY RIP ) you a new asshole out. While he's doing that I will ( TOTALLY DOMINAT )you. What would be easy even without the dog. So why are you being ( USED & ABUSE ). Don't start crying to me and crying to the site support for help. That look who contacted you first and who was ( SO STUPID ). I've got just about the same profile on every site I've been on like this. I save pictures on my phone I even tell other nice dominating females about it sending them pictures when they contact me so they know who this mistress is or this whatever she is is so they can all laugh her show their slave so their slaves can laugh at her sing see how a stupid mistress on a dominant female acts and see what she gets. I always notify the site also. And on one side I can't see who it is. 1 reasons that you didn't tell me. But she told me she said everybody in support. Even the supervisors. On the break some even sneak when they're working. To see how you're totally dominating this stupid woman. How you're in her mind. Rent free. And now she keeps coming back and barking like the dog you told her she is. Almost on command. The girl and one other person contact me later from the site. Laughing was saying happy how everybody appreciated me somebody I don't know who was. Actually secretly gave me one month free full membership. So you stupid dominating females and not all of you are stupid just the majority of things. ( YOU have been WARNED ) Please have a blessed day. 😆

General Info

I am a: Male
Age: 50 years
Location: Arkansas , United States
My Preference: Ass To Mouth

My Search

Looking for: Female
Between: 18 and 45 years
Seeking Preference: Anal, Anal gaping, Fisting, Huge objects, Cum In Mouth, Foot fetish, Piss, Ass To Mouth
Interests: Dating, Flirt and fun, Serious relationship, Marriage

My Appearance

Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Height: 176cm/5ft 9"
Weight: 120kg/264lbs
Body Type: A few extra pounds
Eyes color: Blue
Hair color: White/Gray

My Lifestyle

Education: High School Grad
Marital Status: Single - never married
Living: Alone, With pets
Smoking: I don't
Drinking: Socially

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