20 years old Female
from Mobile, Alabama, United States
Registered since: 02/07/2020
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Headline: 18 year old female interested in the dom lifestyle
About Me: Well I want to have fun but I feel pain isn't everything after all pleasure can be a greater torment if he really is mine then I'm the jealous type unless he says he wants to end it. I'll get rough (spank, peg, say mean things, etc) in bed but if he needs it I'll cuddle him. I also like to try to spoil my subs

General Info

I am a: Female
Age: 20 years
Location: Mobile, Alabama, United States
My Preference: Fisting

My Search

Looking for: Male
Between: 18 and 25 years
Seeking Preference: Anal, Fisting
Interests: Dating, Flirt and fun, Serious relationship, Marriage

My Appearance

Height: 172cm/5ft 8"
Weight: 78kg/172lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Eyes color: NOT PROVIDED
Hair color: NOT PROVIDED

My Lifestyle

Marital Status: Single - never married
Living: With parents, With pets, With roommate(s), Family and friends visit often
Smoking: I don't
Drinking: I don't

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