30 years old Female
from Kingston Parish Parish, Jamaica
Registered since: 17/09/2020
Last seen: 3 weeks ago
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Headline: I do not need you for love but want you for servitude
About Me: If you want more details like interests visit https://fetlife.com/users/11972811 username there Mistress-Kendol where I'm verified. Please understand I have no desire in a romantic or physical sexual relationship with you. Yes there may come a time when we will have to part ways…but if that does arise it will be discussed. PREFERRED CRITERIA: > Backbone (confidence, opinions, ideas etc) > Good communication skills (text, calls, video etc) > Finances (stable ambitions, outings together, pampering me etc) > Acknowledges protocol (respect, accountability, daily rituals etc) > Self Reliant (can exist outside of me as you’ll have breaks this is healthy) ***connections, either my own age or older ONLY*** NB: I messaged you first because your profile had a noteworthy bio. Don’t get too excited lol. It however does not mean you’re immediately my sub…there is a vetting process!

General Info

I am a: Female
Age: 30 years
Location: Kingston Parish Parish, Jamaica
My Preference: Foot fetish

My Search

Looking for: Male
Between: 30 and 100 years
Seeking Preference: Foot fetish
Interests: Flirt and fun

My Appearance

Height: 159cm/5ft 3"
Weight: 59kg/130lbs
Body Type: Thick
Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Black

My Lifestyle

Education: College Grad
Marital Status: Single - never married
Smoking: I don't
Drinking: Socially

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