26 years old Male
from Tulare, California, United States
Registered since: 08/08/2020
Last seen: 2 years ago
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Headline: Slave to mistress
About Me: My name is Joshua Contreras Jacob 24 year old

General Info

I am a: Male
Age: 26 years
Location: Tulare, California, United States
My Preference: Ass To Mouth

My Search

Looking for: Female
Between: 24 and 40 years
Seeking Preference: Boobs fetish, Ass To Mouth
Interests: Serious relationship

My Appearance

Ethnicity: Hispanic/Latino
Height: 172cm/5ft 8"
Weight: 78kg/172lbs
Body Type: Slender
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Light Brown

My Lifestyle

Education: High School Grad
Marital Status: NOT PROVIDED
Living: Alone
Smoking: I don't
Drinking: I don't

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