36 years old Female
from North hollywood, California, United States
Registered since: 13/07/2020
Last seen: 2 years ago
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Headline: I am very sexual and intense. I get aroused by novelty, pushing the boundaries with pleasure.
About Me: I am a highly sexual person. For me sex is simple – I love it. I am easily able to change my sexual archetype and adjust to my partners preferred language. With intensity comes raw emotions and I love it. I just craving more intense plays than most people. I get aroused by novelty, pushing the boundaries with pleasure. Nothing is off limits for me I'm willing to explore it all! I am very sexual and intense. They love exploring the darkest corners of what sexual kink has to offer. There is nothing like being dominated or dominating someone completely by using restraints, kinky sex toys or impact play, isn’t it? I tend to be sexually creative, expressive, willing to push the limits. I enjoy intense sensations, a roleplay, ageplay, some nice spanking, bondage and more. I love physically and mentally intense engagement with your partner. I enjoy is a Master/Slave relationship, where you push the boundaries with obedience, power exchange, service, and humility. Roleplay/ Ageplay - Master/Slave Restraint and Bondage (ropes, chains, spread-bars)

General Info

I am a: Female
Age: 36 years
Location: North hollywood, California, United States
My Preference: NOT PROVIDED

My Search

Looking for: Male, Female
Between: 18 and 59 years
Seeking Preference: NOT PROVIDED
Interests: Flirt and fun

My Appearance

Ethnicity: Caucasian (white)
Height: 158cm/5ft 2"
Weight: 58kg/128lbs
Body Type: Athletic
Eyes color: Brown
Hair color: Dark Brown

My Lifestyle

Education: Under-Graduate
Marital Status: Single - never married
Living: Alone
Smoking: I don't
Drinking: Socially

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