41 years old Male
from Red Sea Governates, Egypt
Registered since: 18/11/2020
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Headline: 40 Dom/Master/Owner/Daddy
About Me: Description iam dom/master /daddy i live in red sea in egypt, single i just worked hard for 20 years so i decided no more work, i bought beach house with private beach and boat, just enjoying my life, i alway look for smart, pretty subs which i can train them to serve me, as long as i own them, i support them, helping them to have better life and pleasure D/S is about trust and respect and serve me As Your dom and give me all control of your and trust me that i will never harm you,i will be sure that i will train you well to get pleasure and Success in your life Fantasies i was born as Dom and i live with it so i don't read books or watch movies about BDSM, the one who write this books wasn't me, maybe iam different than others but this how iam, there is nothing called basic rules in training your sub because simply i make the rules, the only thing i did read a lot about is safety, otherwise would be Dangerous iam natural and direct to what i want, without disrespect or hurt others so if you dont like what iam saying just ignore it as Dom iam looking for Submissive Females , train them, and lead them, BDSM is always about trust and Respect. sorry i hate writing much or reading much profiles if i like to know ppl more i text them over chatting, if u wanna know about someone u like, just go and ask him or her if they wanna chat ;)

General Info

I am a: Male
Age: 41 years
Location: Red Sea Governates, Egypt
My Preference: Ass To Mouth

My Search

Looking for: Female, Couple
Between: 18 and 100 years
Seeking Preference: Foot fetish, Scat, Piss
Interests: Dating, Flirt and fun, Serious relationship, Marriage

My Appearance

Ethnicity: Middle Eastern
Height: 176cm/5ft 9"
Weight: 77kg/169lbs
Body Type: Average
Eyes color: Black
Hair color: Black

My Lifestyle

Education: College Grad
Marital Status: NOT PROVIDED
Living: Alone, With pets
Smoking: Socially
Drinking: I don't

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